• William Dickinson

    Online & Offline Marketing Coach, Developer and Consultant

  • Getting Results & The Secret to Direct Response Marketing
    You are influenced by individual words, not whole phrases or sentences, and whether you are aware of it or not, certain words are more influential than others. They guarantee better results because they simply resonate louder in their value and proven effectiveness in generating interest and engagement.


    Discover the ease of writing the right marketing copy, delivered at the right time. Once you know the secret, you’ll save time and money in all your Marketing!


    Dial me direct at 1-888-502-3523 from within North America and +1 (778) 773-6298 Internationally and let's chat about getting you the results you desire!



    - 18 Years developing businesses' online presence
    - 18 Years developing business-driven graphics
    - 18 Years developing B2B & B2C sales collateral

    - 17 Years working with SEO and SEM strategies
    - 16 Years of SMB and SME Branding Development
    - 14 Years of Business Marketing for SMB and SME
    - 14 Years general Marketing and Development for B2B and B2B businesses
    - 12 Years of Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting
    - 9 years implementing new conversion optimization techniques
    - 9 Years Social Media & best practices consultation




    Dickinson Enterprises

    Business Marketing - Get Seen. Get Heard. Get Results.

    President | CEO

    January 1999 – Present

    Momentum Conferencing

    Audio, Web and Video Group Collaboration Services

    Marketing and Online Services Director

    Nov 2008 – May 2017

    Momentum Management Group

    Business Consulting

    Marketing Advisor and Board Member 

    May 2010 – July 2015


    "People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it." ~ Simon Sinek



    Online Marketing

    Marketing Strategy

    Email Marketing

    Graphic Design

    Web Conferences




    Azusa Pacific University

    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Business Administration and Management, Marketing and Commmunications 1990 - 1994


    Linn-Benton Community College

    Music Business Studies 1983 - 1984

    Crescent Valley

     1979 - 1983



    Dan Neuman

    Music Director - Shodown

    Truly one of the best all around marketing minds I have had the pleasure to work with.

    Christine Till

    The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress helping professionals build the relationships they need for business.

    I had an amazing opportunity to work with William on my Facebook page. I was impressed with his knowledge and speed with which he implemented the changes to my Facebook page. William has been doing internet marketing for quite a few years now, and knows how to navitgae the internet to help businesses market themselves with a program that is targeted to fit their specific market. I recommend that when you are looking for a social media marketing guru, check out William S. Dickinson.

    Stephen Scott

    CEO at Inner City Signs Ltd.

    I had the pleasure of working with William Dickinson on a charitable venture that we both supported. I was impressed by both his good character and his professional expertise. I watched him help turn a good idea into a phenomena with legs. With his leadership a small group of well intentioned people were able to set, acheive, and even exceed their goals. He is a talented individual with an impressive knowledge of the innovative tools that are now available to promote and sell products and ideas.

    Karen Goodfellow

    Facilitator of Meetings that Mobilize

    Will is FULL of ideas, suggestions, helpful hints and support based on his own experience in marketing and social media. He is clear, to the point, comfortable and tailored wht he knew to my business (versus being off the shelf).

    He is generous with his time and I launched into my new social media direction with a lot more confidence and inspiration.

    Jacob Villeneuve

    Customer Service Representative, Marketing Enthusiast, People Person

    Will has an amazing way of thinking logically while thinking outside the box. He leaves nothing to guess and is always around the bend. I would reccomend working with Will on any opportunity possible.

    Shannon Dickinson

    Social Work Case Manager

    Will looks at most things through a marketing lens. Will is always trying to market something he's passionate about; better, and more effectively. He's very detail-oriented, and focused on getting the message across, to better serve the client. I would recommend Will to any business person who is forward thinking and understands that marketing is a sales plan with depth and layers; who needs marketing for their business; and, who has a long term goal of success in mind! Will is very dependable and passionate about what he does.

    Norm Kilarski A.Sc.T.

    VP Courtenay-Alberni Federal Conservative Association

    Will is a knowledgeable website designer and is on top of the latest things happening in the website design business. He is a good listener when trying to interrupt what the client wants and what he really needs. He is a team player and I enjoy working with him.

    Joel Harrison

    Manager at Cellairis

    Will was a pleasure to work with. His creativity and ability to see the big picture was refreshing and a definite asset to the Sales Team. His drive to succeed is endless and nothing tends to get in his way once his mind is set.
    I would certainly recommend Will and I wish him well in the future.

    Lara Ramsay

    Commodities Consultant Commodities Group Unlimited

    It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Mr. William Dickinson

    Over the course of this year that William has been with Momentum Conferencing; I’ve had ample opportunity to assess and appreciate his intellectual abilities. He always has intelligent, thought-provoking comments and presented them in clear, precise form. William is creative, observant and always analytically sound; he is supportive and contributes greatly to our sales team growth and discussions, in so far as they provoked further reflection upon topics that needed to be emphasized. As a colleague, William is a pleasure to work with and he establishes rapport easily with fellow workers and succeeds in creating enthusiasm among all who work alongside him.